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Our Esteemed Clients:

We have 6 principle clients in U.S.A with established business

This is our Principle company founded in 1997. Recognised as a
Leading software development management firm in the IT Industry.
Having Government and Commercial clients in U.S.A

It is hub zone certified company.SMG provides business processes focused Information Technology services to federal, State and Local Government agencies

It is leading technology training company in the north America Region providing on-line and class room training

Global Workforce Solutions (GWS) is dedicated to equipping business and Human Resources executives with the analytical tools and execution plans vital to those strategies.

It gives us immense pride to introduce SnehaTV, which has been a
pioneer in bringing Telugu programs to the United States of America.
We aim to bring a perfect blend of news, current  affairs and entertain
-ment to you via this 24 hour online television channel.

Sneha's statement of intent is to create a television network for South
Asian Telugu audience that provides quality content that can compete
with mainstream media at the highest level, thematically, aesthetically
and technically while maintaining South Asian ethos.


TV-Desi is a new broadband IPTV service serving the growing South Asian Diaspora. TV-Desi carries the largest and most varied selection of channels and programming from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal in multiple languages so you can stay connected and keep up on the news, happenings and culture in the homeland.

Worklogix is a management and technology services firm specializing in enterprise application development and implementation support for enterprise resource planning solutions.

Maaya IPTV 24hrs regional Indian TV channels, a whole new exciting world of Interactivity & Entertainment, cover all genres including general entertainment, news and current affairs ,can be watched anywhere!
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please contact : 1-855-622-9288